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A&D Inspection provides tools using precision measurement and controlling technology. The company operates in the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Korea and Great Britain. To better connect with the target audience around the world, A&D has stepped up its game which includes the creation of a fresh looking and user-friendly mobile responsive website.



Modern web design trend is the first thing to see in the homepage and product pages of the website with its video banners. These are fully compatible in tablets, mobile devices, and across all browsers. On the homepage banner, a short but powerful copy and attention-grabbing button are displayed to let the users know the real value of the products being offered.



The website utilizes parallax scrolling which one of the newest web design and computer graphics trends. This effect applies to every section of the page and are artistically choreographed as a whole. Each scroll gives a pleasing effect to the viewer that invites to scroll and browse further.



A&D Inspection website features ROI Calculator located right on the homepage and Checkweigher page for visitors to instantly calculate their total annual and daily savings, determine number of additional packages produced as well as the number of days for return on investment. The section also has special icon for each variable that shows the value entered in the field.



Product pages use customized icons to better present the highlights, features, and applications suitable for the specific product. These icons help draw attention, improve readability, and make the site more visually appealing to users. Moreover, incorporated in these custom icons is the branding of A&D.



A strategic section on the homepage shows the customers' testimonials supported by and perfectly matched with A&D's product feature video on the side. The testimonials are provided in sliding effect with navigation below it for smart use of space. There is also a prominent call-to-action button that encourages the viewer to request for a live product demonstration and generate a lead for A&D.


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