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Analysis and Reporting

Each month SCI will provide you with a detailed report from your Google Analytics account showing the increase in both the quantity and quality of users that have visited your website as a result of SCI services. More importantly SCI will tie this back to your business objectives to report on increase in sales leads, ecommerce sales, registrations and other key performance indicators for your company.

In addition SCI will analyze this data to provide insights on where there is room for you to gain further traction and missed opportunities to consider focusing on. Finally a detailed time log report will be provided so you can see exactly where SCI team member's time was spent on your project during the month for full transparency and accountability.

These reports are divided into the following channels, and include charts with comparisons to historical data. Quatitatve reports will include:

Organic Search Traffic (Non Paid Search Traffic)

  • Impressions on search engines
  • Click through ratio from impressions to site
  • Number of Unique Visitors
  • Conversion Rate per Goal configured
  • Top search terms sending traffic
  • Number of different search terms sending traffic
  • Top landing pages from search
  • Top landing pages by site section ex. Blog/Store/Tools
  • Geographic Info of Visitors
  • Companies who visited your website when available

Paid Search Report (Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Bing AdCenter)

  • Campaign Spend by AdGroup
  • Top performing AdGroups by CTR, CPC, Conversions
  • Top Performing Keywords by CTR, CPC, Conversions
  • Top performing Ad Copy from tests based on CTR
  • Worst performing AdGroups by CTR, CPC, Conversions
  • Worst Performing Keywords by CTR, CPC, Conversions
  • Worst performing Ad Copy from tests based on CTR

Referral Traffic Report (Traffic sent from other sites aside from Google)

  • Top Referring sites by unique visitors
  • Top converting referring sites
  • Banner advertising campaign reports if any non PPC ads are being ran
  • E-Newsletter click through and conversions

Keyword Rankings in Organic Results:

  • From the target keywords we established the ones ranking in the top 25
  • Increase/Decrease in month over month of rankings of all keywords being tracked

SCI Time Report

  • Detailed export from our Project Management system of every task and associated timed entered on it for the month
  • Report of all task completed and delivered that month along with ones still in progress
  • Surplus or Deficit hours being carried into the next month


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