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Over several years of experience, SCI Global Team has developed a concrete and real actionable plan for using permission assets and trust seals, and its strategic implementation on the website. This is one of our featured 2017 marketing strategies that we are going to use for our clients to convert website visitor traffic into sales leads. We will share with you the steps in building out a spreadsheet file to be used in achieving successful and ROI generating permission assets and trust seals.

Over the past years, the SCI Global  team has worked and collaborated well with clients to drive and establish good website traffic to each of our handled accounts. While increased page visits and sessions may signify success of online marketing efforts, the importance of converting website traffic into sales leads should definitely not be overlooked at.

How to Maintain Your GDN Campaigns for Optimal Results


Setting up new Google Display Network campaigns is just half the battle. To achieve the best results out of any AdWords campaign, advertisers must optimize their accounts to ensure a steady flow of traffic and sales each month.

Below are some of SCI’s tried and tested tips on basic GDN campaign maintenance for getting the most out of your online ads.

How To Plan A Drip Email Marketing Campaign


Drip Email Marketing Campaigns are a series of messages with a unified theme that are sent out automatically to a list of subscribers over a period of time. Drip campaigns can be as simple or as complex as marketers want them to be. However, a good amount of planning must come into play in order to truly get the best results.


Email Marketing is not as simple as creating compelling and creative newsletters. More importantly, it is a strong marketing campaign that considers the audience's needs and the business' goals. There are three types of email marketing campaigns to meet specific requirements of both ends and these are Drip Campaign, Triggered Campaign, and Transactional Campaign. Read through to find out the distinctions, purposes, and other important details of each campaign that every marketing specialist should know.