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The CMIA homepage features a homepage slider banner, changing from time to time, encouraging users to join the website as well as upcoming events. A flash banner with member advertisements is strategically positioned at the top of the page, engaging site visitors to see it right away. The page also displays the latest announcements and news, each with teaser texts for members to easily browse and read. To check on up-to-date posts by CMIA chapters, a map is positioned at the right side of the page for users to use as filter.


Side banners with appropriate call to actions are showcased on the homepage, encouraging members to advertise with CMIA and buy available merchandise. An Email List Registration Form is visible as well, getting leads and future members. A scrolling banner with CMIA’s member logos is placed at the bottom of the page, highlighting the company’s credibility in the medical industry.


The CMIA Events page straightforwardly displays the schedule of event activities, the sponsors, as well as other event options available for faster member selection and navigation.


The Event Booth Sales page shows all the booths in the venue, numbered properly and programmed to turn into red once purchased and into orange once reserved for better event management. A legend with the list of all participating exhibitors and their corresponding booth numbers is seen on the right side of the page for easier member identification. Found just right below the map, a Booth Registration Form can be quickly completed and submitted by interested exhibitors.


The Event Attendee Registration page includes an easily accomplished Attendee Registration Form. Also present on the page is the Event Options Form with the list of activities available as well as its corresponding registration fees. The form was coded for users to easily add and remove activities they plan to participate on. A summary box showing all selected activities is shown at the upper right portion of the page for users to review before proceeding to checkout.


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