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The website includes a category menu, product filter modules, and a prominent search bar tool which also provides suggested products as users type in the items they are looking for. All of these help users to easily navigate through the website as well as find the specific products they are searching for. The banners on both sides of the page are programmed with scroll proof capability, showing them even when the page is scrolled down, allowing for prominent advertisement while on the page. A pop up chat module is also visible throughout the webpages, enabling users to contact CompressorParts’ support team for any concerns.


On the website’s Products page, categories are listed based on CompressorParts’ most popular selections. Placeholder images per category were created and watermarked for better user identification. Aside from the laid out category icons, a category list is visible in a sidebox as well, adding to easier navigation and product selection for customers.


Clicking on a category from the website’s Product page, the user is directed to the Product Listing page showing trust badge seals accompanied with clear content description, ensuring credibility of the site to future customers. Summary information including the availability and price of the products are laid out upfront with the user having the ability to add the product to their carts right away. Aside from these, the page also features filters by product subtype and manufacturers that lead to their own specific landing pages.


The MSDS Library page was coded to have its own search bar, allowing users to look for Material Safety Data Sheets just within the library database, returning faster results. The page also includes a filter by Manufacturer for quicker user navigation to the specific MSDS being searched for.


CompressorParts’ blog landing page shows the list of all drafted and posted articles on the website as well as on its social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Business Page, and LinkedIn. These blogs are drafted and published weekly, providing good SEO for the website, helping it rank better in Google search results. The page was programmed to have infinite scrolling, allowing users to see all uploaded entries in just one page. A newsletter sign up form can easily be accessed from this page as well, allowing users to receive monthly eBlasts on the latest product discounts and updates.


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