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You have likely heard the saying “Content is King” and it applies on the web for both your customers perception of your brand and the rankings you earn from search engines sending new potential customers to your website as a result of this unique and fresh content.

Content produced by SCI can include Journalistic Industry News, Application Information, How-To Articles, Enhanced Product and Category Descriptions, Resource Lists, Interviews, Video Production, Data Visualization Infographics, FAQ’s and anything else that would establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Journalistic News Articles

Using our internal awareness tool “Scited” we monitor social media networks, industry publications, user groups, conference websites and Google news for mentioned of keywords related to the audience or applications you are trying to reach with your long tail content. Once we identify an interesting story we look for other resources and discussions around it, then craft a 500-800 word un-biased report. Throughout each report we tie the story back to your product line by hyperlinking to product categories or other application specific landing pages or opt-in assets that you have available. These are done on a weekly basis and multiple articles would be created based on the various application focuses you are targeting. In some instances we combine multiple stories into one blog entry for the week. We are careful not to publish any negative news or that which is backed by your competitors.

Data Journalism and Visualization

When we come across unique data sets using “Scited” as mentioned above, instead of writing a simple editorial, we come up with creative ways to visualize the data that make it more digestible and visually appealing to your readership. Sometimes this turns into “infographic’s” which we then do an outreach campaign to influencers within the subject niche to post onto their blog or media site.

Keyword performs keyword research in this initial setup phase, but also each month, as you will see in the search terms and keywords discovery tasks listed in the monthly deliverables below.

Press Releases

The standard press release still has its place in online marketing, but the outreach for it must be done very intentionally. Unfortunately you will find the press release to be the corner stone to most SEO companies proposals, for us its just one minor component. As we monitor your brand we will also be on the lookout for items we can turn into a positive press release for your company.

Social Round Up

Again using “Scited” we will take 5-10 of the most interesting social media mentions of your target applications or demographics and put those together into 1 weekly blog entry. This would be a combination of Tweets, Facebook Updates, LinkedIn Comments and Google Plus posts. The posts will link back to the original posters profile, and we will also mirror this activity on your social media accounts, establishing a rapport with the influencers in social media. It’s easier for the user to read this one weekly blog post, then to monitor social media themselves looking for related info.

Resource List

As we are discovering new content we come across resources that your customers would be able to utilize and are likely currently not aware of. We will compile these into monthly top 5 lists and send out on a regular monthly schedule. Some of the resources covered in the list might have already been featured in editorial that month.

Category and Product Descriptions

Although these would not be included in many of the content re-purposing outputs, having unique content on your stores product detail pages and category descriptions is vital to obtain rankings for those pages. Our team will re-write product descriptions and category descriptions.

  • Tips and Tricks
  • How-To
  • Avoid It – Common mistakes, anon. horror stories we have heard
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Frequently asked questions to sales team
  • Interviews with customers and vendors

The content would originally be posted to your respective blog category or application landing page and then sent out in the corresponding e-newsletter for that category as summaries or wrap-ups linking back to the long form of the content. By writing content specifically for these audiences in targeted sections of the site, visitors and prospects profile themselves for you by choosing which content they read on the website, which e-newsletters they sign up for and where they submit information requests from. This also enables you to place product promotions and new releases inline with the content ensuring your visitors are always seeing the most relevant promotional offer.

Once we have built up a group of content pieces from the above lists in a specific application or demographic focus then we can start building opt-in assets such as e-Books, Webinars, Automated E-mail Sequences, Mobile Apps and more. These we will advertise on your website and other off site channels to further build your in-house list of potential customers.


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