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Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

At SCI we take continuity planning and disaster recovery very seriously. Over the years we have seen trusted web hosting providers experience downtime for days, the largest domain registrar’s DNS lookup fail and human errors such as our clients IT director leaving with all of the login credentials leaving the client locked out of their sites. These unexpected events have caused interruption to our clients website, but thanks to our diligent planning and flexible structure this downtime was minimalized to only a few hours, instead of days or weeks that it could have been.

The precautions we take include configuring an automatic backup to be taken each week and that backup file stored both on your web-hosting server and a 3rd party data storage service such as Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox. The backup file created is a JPA file so that it includes both the code files, but also the database. The JPA file includes a kick start file that can restore your website including all aspects of it onto any server that has a standard Apache/PHP/MySQL setup within hours.

This JPA file is really all that you need since the code of the site itself is not encrypted, it’s all in the most common programming languages available, 90% of the programmers in the world could pick it up and work with it right away.

Another thing we always do is ask the clients to setup the hosting accounts and other services in their own names, that combined with the backup file gives you complete autonomy and eliminates the risk of any negative outcome in the future.


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