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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Building an attractive website that is ranking well in search engines is only half of the battle, ensuring that the highest rate of visitors convert into sales leads is the other half.

The color palette is fully utilized to draw the viewer’s eye towards the next step in the sales or product awareness cycle. Forms are designed using progressive disclosure techniques to reduce the bounce rate or drop out rate on form completions.

Using techniques that we have seen work for our other scientific equipment clients over the years we design lead generation and permission marketing asset subscription opportunities in every area of the site. These tertiary calls to actions for users earlier on in the sales process who are not ready to submit a product information request will also be presented on the site in the appropriate positions. Tertiary conversions are commonly opt-in’s to download PDF content such as a long form application note, white paper or purchasing guide also e-newsletters, knowledge base and any other asset we feel a user would be willing to trade their email address for access to it if presented with the option in a compelling manner.


Increase Customer Base Through Effective Design

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