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Discovery Scientific Solutions was created and built from scratch. Its modern, stylish and brand new features are endeavored to deliver quality and learning user experience, and at the same time, build strong foundation with its partner manufacturers. In order to attain these purposes, SCI has ensured that users get the best of what DiscSci could offer in effortless ways.

Current promotions and informative tools are found right on the sleek, visual and animated banners of the homepage. Users could be easily directed to the freezer rack configurator tool upon entering the site. The applications are presented with clickable and stimulating photos to engage better with the website visitors.



The freezer rack configurator is designed to make it simple and easy to determine the product that best suit the user’s specific needs. SCI guarantees that the tool is packed with every command such as edit, print and share buttons.



The Products page of DiscSci displays the categories with sample product images in its buttons that draw users to click and browse through for simple navigation. The Email an Expert module on the banner helps the user to gather information and expertise answers about the products and categories. This is used in every category, product listing and product detail page.


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