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The days of taking a "spray and prey" approach to reaching new potential customers via email marketing efforts are over and can be detrimental to your brand and reputation if you do not evolve your email marketing into targeted and behavior based triggered messaging.

SCI will nurture your current lists and build targeted new lists with the assistance of the content marketing efforts ensuring that your message reaches the right people at the right time. Segmenting the lists based on your customers expressed interests and digital footprint will create higher open and click through rates that will lead to success for your new product launch, promotion, and event or thought leadership newsletter.

Analytics allow you to easily view the number of emails that were successfully received by your subscribers, number of bounces, number of unique and total opens, number of unique and total clicks, and the number of subscribers who forwarded your message to a friend. Taking your analysis a step further, you can view detailed metrics including: the specific subscribers that opened your email, the number of times these subscribers clicked a link within your message, and who forwarded your message and to whom it was forwarded.

SCI will be responsible for writing, designing and coding the e-newsletter each month inside the preferred email-marketing program that you are currently using. Your company will review all content before being distributed in any channel.

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