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This article was published in Lab Manager Magazine for its September 2010 issue as a two-page spread. The article traces the history of the month’s central topic, vacuum pumps.

The article documents the evolution of the vacuum pump from to 1654 when it was first invented for the Magdeburg hemispheres experiment, to the breakthroughs made in the industry that led to more complex and effective vacuum pumps used in laboratories today. It also discusses the future developments that would likely happen in the production of vacuum pumps for greater reliability and efficiency.

This editorial article was made possible through a collaborative effort by the team at SCI Global Services Inc. and was authored by our President, John Buie.

After publication, the article received high praise and good feedback from subscribers, lab technicians and manufacturers. If you are a lab technician or a manufacturer of vacuum pumps in need of content for your website, blog or newsletter, you have just found the right “ghost writer” for you. Contact SCI and we will get in touch with you with more details for your needs.


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