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Google AdWords Campaign Management and Bing AdCenter

The proper setup and monthly management of a paid search campaign such as Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter is one that is often not given the time it deserves by a marketer. As a result companies and spending twice to three times the amount they could be for the exact same level of traffic and more importantly qualified traffic that converts into sales leads.

By utilizing our monthly paid search management services you will drastically reduce the Google users who end up clicking your ad that are not a qualified prospect for your business. Before working with many of our clients, we have seen client’s accounts where 40-50% of the traffic they were purchasing came from their ad being triggered by searches that were outside of their target prospect.

Through the application of the initial account setup tasks and monthly maintenance tasks detailed below you will have the most optimized paid search campaign in your industry.

Initial Tasks:

SCI links your AdWords account to your Google Analytics and Webmaster Central account, to integrate the data from all three tools for advanced tracking. Once the accounts are linked together, SCI will setup goal conversions so that we can fully track the results of your PPC campaign. We will also add your account to our Google Engage Client Center, as SCI is not only a Google Certified AdWords Partner, but also an active member in the Google Engage program for Agencies that gives us an inside track to the AdWords program and direct access to Google staffers.

Targeted and specific keywords are essential in determining the success of the whole marketing campaign. The correct combination of “long tail” keywords, match type and negatives separates generating traffic from generating target buyers with intent.

SCI performs in-depth keyword research for terms using dozens of different keyword discovery sources including our own internal lab equipment search term database we have built over the past 8 years in the industry. These terms which are often missed by your competitors result in lower ad competition, costs and more targeted visitors.

Keyword performs keyword research in this initial setup phase, but also each month, as you will see in the search terms and keywords discovery tasks listed in the monthly deliverables below.

Once we have determined the keywords that you will be bidding on and mapped them to the correct landing pages on your website, SCI will create customized campaigns and ad groups.

The correct setup of this is important as you can only dictate landing pages based on Ad Group; this decision affects your Quality Score and ultimately your price per click.

Once the campaigns, ad groups and keywords are all set up, we will then write ad copies responsible for driving your compelling potential customers to click to your site above the competition. SCI strongly takes into consideration Google’s advertisement policies, while pushing the boundaries to squeeze every extra benefit out of the program for our clients.

We handcraft these ad copies for each of your Ad Groups including three key components: USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), keyword placement as well as appropriate CTAs (Call to Actions) to “persuade” the user to click on your ad.

Three versions of every ad are written for each Ad Group, varying the USP and CTAs. These ads are then served to searchers at an even frequency, while each month we evaluate which ones succeed best at attracting visitors who converted into sales leads for you. Then we drop the worst performing of the three ads, and rewrite it based on what we are learning from the most successful ads in the test. This is also explained in the monthly tasks below.

Text ads are not the only ad copy that we prepare, banner ads are also created for each Ad Group at this time. These banner ads will not be running on the Google Display network in the typical fashion that is keyword based, these will be used for the Google Re-Marketing Program described in item number five below.

Retargeting is an effective method to drive users who have left in the middle of the buying cycle on your site, and bring them back to the site to hopefully complete a conversion. This is due to a tracking code that is generated and inserted on all the site's pages. Once a user visits any page of the site, the code leaves a cookie on the user's browser, which will allow us to target our ads to show just to them.


Monthly Maintenance Tasks:

After the campaigns and AdGroups have been left to cultivate data for one month (30 days), SCI will go through your search terms and look for irrelevant searches that triggered your ads. We will then add them as negative keywords, so that they won’t trigger your ads anymore, leading too much more relevant searches and clicks.

Again, once data has been cultivated, SCI will then track which searches triggered the ads that were listed as "Broad Match" or "Phrase Match" keywords, not included in our initial keyword research. Adding these “Broad Match” and “Phrase Match” keywords as “Exact Match” keywords will reduce our Average CPC (Cost-Per-Click). This means that you will have less competitors bidding on these “Phrase Match” and “Exact Match” keywords. Also, you will be paying less whenever these keywords are searched for and your ad is clicked.

SCI will look for signs of decrease and increase in spend, comparing to the previous months. We will then decrease or increase the budget accordingly, subject to client approval. This task is usually done in the middle of the month so we can correct it as soon as possible, and get the budget back down before the end of the month.

Quality Score is how Google determines the quality of your landing page for a particular keyword, in relation to the keyword you are bidding on. This metric measures how relevant your landing page is to the keyword bid on. This task is done by filtering and sorting your keywords to determine which have the greatest opportunity to be improved upon, or removed. This keyword is then reviewed in detail to determine why its quality score is in the said state. This involves checking your pages related to that keyword, page speed and many more factors.

It is important to note that Quality Score takes about a month to refresh, so the changes won’t be observed instantly. SCI will create a report indicating which changes were made to improve your score.

For this task, SCI will sort your keywords by cost and determine which of them have a CTR (Click Through Ratio) under 0.50%. These types of keywords negatively affect quality score and they should be either paused or removed completely.

SCI will adjust the bid price on the top performing and key target keywords in your campaigns until they are all within a 2-3 average position. This is where we find the optimal price / performance positioning in our industry.

SCI will continue to monitor your account and be on the look out for disapproved ads due to various reasons. We will then take the correct steps to edit them so that they can be considered for approval and running again.

SCI will be monitoring your campaigns for “Lost Impression Share”. “Impression Share” enables us to track potential traffic opportunities lost. This is due to either bidding is not high enough on certain keywords leading to a “Lost IS Share Rank” or our overall daily budget is not high enough leading to a “Lost IS Share Budget”. Once we learn more details about this, we will contact you to let you know if you are missing out on opportunities for more traffic.

Using Google Analytics, there is a feature to view all the keywords people are using to get to your site. We will then search for relevant keywords not included in our initial keyword research, and add them to our AdWords Keywords.

For this task, SCI will determine the top keywords grouped by cost across all campaigns, sorted by the last 30 days. We will then cross check our keywords in Google and search for possible competitors whose ads are triggered by our keywords. Each month you will then know which of your competitors is ramping up or decreasing their Ad Words budgets or running new campaigns.

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