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This guide was made for Lab Manager Magazine in December 2009 as a four-page pull out poster. The article is a comprehensive guide to buying the type of Lab Freezer most suitable to the reader’s needs.

This guide features the four main types of Lab Freezers namely: General Purpose Lab Freezer, Flammable Material Lab Freezer, Low Temperature Lab Freezer and Ultra-Low Lab Freezer. The article also includes the different models and specifications available for every type of Lab Freezer. It is the most comprehensive guide available to make an unbiased choice.

This editorial article was made possible through a collaborative effort by the team at SCI Global Services Inc. and was authored by our President, John Buie.

In making this guide, manufacturers such as Thermo Scientific and Helmer gave good praise and feedback in how helpful the guide is. If you need content written for your blog, website or newsletter, you have found the right “ghost writer” for you. Simply contact SCI and we will get back to you with more details on your needs.


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"Lab Manager Magazine's Independent Guide to Purchasing a Lab Freezer"

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