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This article was published in Lab Manager Magazine as a four-page pull out poster in February 2010. The article is a purchasing guide focused on the month’s topics, lab shakers, stirrers or mixers.

This breaks down various makes and models into different categories to help the reader make an informed choice in purchasing a lab shaker, stirrer or mixer. The article provides a comprehensive list of the different types of lab shakers as well as the different companies that manufacture them. It also features the differences between the types of lab stirrers and the different capacities of lab mixers.

This editorial article was made possible through a collaborative effort by the team at SCI Global Services Inc. and was authored by our President, John Buie.

Manufacturers such as Thermo Scientific and Eberbach and subscribers have found this guide very helpful in making the right choice of laboratory equipment that will best suit their needs. If you are a manufacturer or in need of content for your website, blogs or newsletters, then you have found the best “ghost writer” for you. Contact SCI and we will get in touch with you with more details regarding your concerns.


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"Lab Manager Magazine's Independent Guide to Purchasing a Lab Shaker, Stirrer or Mixer"

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