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MadSmith’s homepage shows a simple and clean industrial look, with the top services offered presented as three bubble icons designed to look like metals under the main banner, all hyperlinked to its specific landing pages. Navigation menus are clearly presented on the header to help users get to their desired pages fast. The Markets menu was coded to have a dropdown functionality showing each industry serviced by the company. Forms including the Ask an Expert and Newsletter Registration are found on the page as well, encouraging users to receive latest company updates and ensuring them of customer support for any inquiries or concerns. Certification seals on the page ensure company’s credibility, building trust with its users.



Services Pages display appropriate content description and supporting images, guaranteeing users of MadSmith’s capabilities and expertise in the industry. Downloadable catalogs are easily accessed on the Service Pages with just a click of a button as well.




MadSmith’s Field Services Page features drafted descriptions and appropriate images for the field services offered, showing MadSmith’s experience and available equipment to cater to customer’s needs. An ISNetworld certification logo supported with content is added on the page as well, promoting MadSmith’s credibility in the industry. Services available are listed in bullets and were set-up so that when users click on one, the page scrolls down to its section. Each Field Service option is linked to its specific landing page displaying an Ask an Expert form and a sidebox that users can use to navigate to other Field Service pages hassle-free.


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