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NDT Systems features an improved usability with the all-new user interface. The main page shows the overall package of the website as users can find its most important components which are the featured offerings, product applications, informative and tutorial videos, newest products, latest news, eNewsletter sign-up module and service request form.

The product finder functions as a guide in looking for available offerings through keyword search and category filter options. This tool is conveniently accessed right below the main navigation and throughout the website.



The product detail page of NDT Systems gives a complete information that includes a brief description, features and benefits, specifications, applications and sample screenshots of the product results or output. Its available accessories are already provided right below the product details so there would be no need to search for it. The product brochure could be downloaded in just a hit of a button. Any further inquiries about the product and a need to request for quote are easily addressed with the prominent call-to-action buttons.



SCI aims to inform the users about NDT System’s continuous innovation and growth with its Legacy Products segment. The page page is dedicated to the obsolete products that are replaced with new and enhanced versions. These obsolete products are still made special by having its own detail page with description, features and image.



In the News & Events page, aside from the list of blog entries and NDT company news, the Newsletter Sign-up module, list of upcoming activities, service request form and a featured video are found in the side bar. Having added all relevant sections of the site to particular webpages, it is ensured that users get more of what they expect to find.


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