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The SPECO website is designed with a user-friendly interface, enabling visitors to navigate to product and services pages quickly. The four major categories and pages are represented in clickable bubble photos that further support easy navigation for users. Icons of major manufacturers carried by the website are featured on the page also, showing SPECO’s authority in the industry.


The homepage includes SPECO’s unique selling points, contact and newsletter registration forms, as well as a summary of what the company offers. Footer links including icons directing to the website’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are added as well, helping users to easily follow the said accounts for product updates and news.


SPECO’s Products page features a clean and simple look with general icons for each category, all watermarked and presented upfront for faster product navigation. A category list is added as a sidebox also letting users to get to their desired product listings easier.


SPECO’s Product Listing page presents trust badge seals as well as bulleted content descriptions, showcasing the website’s credibility for current and future customers. The items are displayed with Availability and Pricing information. An Add to Cart button that users can easily click to add desired products to their shopping cart and proceed to checkout is also present on the page. In addition to these, filters for product types are seen on product listings, guiding users to find preferred items.


The Blog Page displays all drafted and published articles on just one page as it was programmed to have infinite scrolling. These articles are uploaded regularly on the website as well as social media accounts for improved and higher SEO rankings.


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