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SSI Bio was re-engineered to include a brand-new set of features aimed at improving usability, growing the company's distribution channels for the SSI branded products, attracting foreign markets, and building more subscribers to their email marketing lists.

To achieve these goals, SCI has created a visual, sleek, and fully responsive site that allows any user to browse through SSI Bio's latest product offerings from the comfort of their preferred device. The new site has also been optimized to help generate traffic and increase sales leads to boost search engine visibility and in turn, increase revenue.

Its improved navigation conveniently organizes and displays the company's top brands and product lines in one area. The detail pages are beautifully branded and provide comprehensive information on the organization's various products. The improved search allows users to locate specific products by keyword or item number.


SSI Bio Distributors section


SSI also features an all-new Distributors section to help visitors locate their nearest merchant and make a purchase. SCI has also created custom distributor-only features on the site, which provides exclusive functions for every SSI Bio distributor, including Information Request forms on every detail page so merchants can get in touch with SSI’s specialists to know more about specific products.


SSI Bio detail page


SSI Bio’s main category and detail pages are beautifully branded and contain comprehensive product information on their offerings. These product pages provide distributors access to stronger sales collateral and tools that will enable them to sell more SSI branded products.


SSI Bio specification table


Each detail page contains a concise specification table that is unique to every product. Additionally, users can send in reviews and feedback on each product via the custom product review section found at the bottom of every page.


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