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We at SCI know that effective outsourced tech support requires a human approach. When your customers are stressed by broken equipment or malfunctioning technology, they deserve smart resolutions delivered by highly skilled agents with a natural aptitude for emotional intelligence.

In this increasingly digital world, supporting end users in high stress situations requires a comprehensive technical solution that carefully combines issue resolution with differentiated customer experience.

SCI understands that achieving this balance with an outsourced solution can be challenging. From email transfers and account reconfigurations to broken equipment and malfunctioning technical tools, these issues can only be resolved by highly-skilled, empathetic agents who have a natural aptitude towards patient interaction with both technical and non-technical customers.

From routine troubleshooting to in-depth technical support, we know what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experience while simultaneously resolving the technical issues of a broad spectrum of customers. And with access to a highly educated local talent pool that consistently delivers intelligent, capable people into the labor market, we have the team to execute it.


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