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Wisconsin Oven homepage


The Wisconsin Oven website was created with a clean and user-friendly design in mind. It’s simple navigation menu which features the product categories and built-in search bar make it easier for users to locate products and navigate their way around the site. The company’s unique selling point and contact information are specifically highlighted to attract customers.


Wisconsin Oven categories


Each category page is neatly organized and further segregated into specific product types. Informative category and page descriptions are also included for every item on the site to guide users through the selection process. Customers interested in learning more about a product can easily send in a request via the eye-catching “Request Information” module on the sidebar.


Wisconsin Oven cherry picker


To further enhance the customer user-experience, SCI has also developed custom cherry pickers to go along with each product sub-category to help users locate products that fit every specification.


Wisconsin Oven specification tables


Each product listing is inlaid with selectors that users can click on to make product comparisons between each item. This nifty tool arranges the information for each selected product side by side so customers can choose the best item suited for their needs. The table displays concise technical information for each product, while the embedded Call-to-action buttons encourage users to learn more about the item.


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