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The Worthington homepage features a sliding banner ever changing, showing a different one for each service highlighted. Creative icons for featured services and products are strategically placed below the banner, seen right away by users once the page is loaded. Serviced Industries by Worthington are laid out on the page, each with appropriate teaser texts, icons, and links, allowing visitors to preview the markets the company closely works with. A language selector was added on the page as well, enabling users to translate the website based on their preferred language and at the same time widening the company’s target market. As Worthington is part of a bigger company, ISS, an “Other Brands” dropdown is seen on the page header to give the freedom of easily switching and visiting Worthington’s sister companies’ websites.



The Products and Services pages display banners and available options accompanied with appropriate icons and content descriptions. Title and image used on all Products and Services options are hyperlinked to their corresponding landing pages for faster user navigation. An Ask Our Expert form is readily available for users, ensuring Worthington’s commitment in addressing customer concerns and inquiries.


An Image Gallery page was created to let users and possible customers view Worthington’s history as well as products and services offered through images with proper captions. The images smoothly transition as icons are selected on the gallery.


Worthington’s About Us page was designed and programmed to scroll infinitely until the latest historical event of the company. A timeline menu is seen at the top of the page allowing users to pick on the year they wish to read through. The menu was coded to ensure that when a year is selected, the page scrolls down automatically to the year’s significant happenings.


A Worthington Compressor Challenge page was created to show the mechanics of the website’s latest contest. Users are encouraged to submit their entries by completing up a simple form with an added functionality that lets them upload image files. Once an entry is sent, the user is directed to a thank you page acknowledging their submission and allowing them to share it on their social media accounts promoting the contest and the website at the same time.


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